Disney superstar DEMI LOVATO drops out of tour, checks into treatment center for "cutting" and anorexia, according to reports.

The 18 year old was on tour with the Jonas Brothers as their "special guest" when she abruptly quit the tour. 

AP reports she entered treatment because of an eating disorder and cutting herself – an act usually cause by extreme emotional distress and often seen as a cry for help.

In the past Demi has been romantically linked with Joe Jonas whom she starred with in Camp Rock  the two later broke up, "remaining good friends".

Lovato also has been candid about her problems in middle school, having left because she was mercilessly bullied.

"It was more verbal harassment than physical abuse, but that’s actually more scarring than anything," she said. "And I had to leave because I just couldn’t deal with it."

Lovato is receiving treatment at a undisclosed treatment center specializing in psychological disorders.

"Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help," her rep told media.

 "She is doing just that."

A source now confirms a fight with a dancer on the tour was the catalyst for Demi’s decision to seek medical treatment.

"She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting." said a source.

Another insider revealed, Lovato "doesn’t have that same kind of love for life that she at one point had."