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Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore without even telling his twin brother — and he did it because his new bride “hates” his family!

That’s the shocking claim made by Ashton’s sister-in-law Melissa Kutcher, who was also snubbed from the Hollywood marriage of the year. Ashton’s relatives were told several months ago to be ready to fly to Los Angeles at a few hours notice for the surprise nuptials. But the call never came before the 27-year-old and Demi, 42, swapped vows in front of 40 close friends in Beverly Hills — dashing his twin brother Michael’s dreams of being best man.

From his home in Iowa the day after his brother’s wedding, Michael told us exclusively: “I’m in Cedar Rapids right now. So what does that tell you?”

Sources said the shocked twin called Ashton after hearing about the marriage, but Ashton denied tying the knot and insisted they only had a housewarming party.

Meanwhile Melissa said she believed Demi was behind the decision to leave Michael out in the cold.

“I think Demi hates Ashton’s family and what they represent,” she said. “I’ve always felt that Demi thinks Ashton’s family is working class and uneducated and not sophisticated enough to be around.

“It must have been Demi’s call. She’s never really liked his family — they’re not Hollywood enough for her.”

A source close to Ashton insisted that the groom’s father, mother and sister Tausha were all present at the ceremony. Melissa, who is now estranged from Ashton’s twin although they have a son Jack, said: “I spoke with Michael and he told me after he heard the news he dialed up Ashton who denied ever getting married.

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