Demi Moore has gone off the deep end for aqua-man Michael Phelps.

Both Demi and hubby Ashton Kutcher want the Olympic record breaker to star in a reality show and the Sugar Smackin’ Phelps is close to inking the deal.

The Hollywood gossip mill went cuckoo as Demi and Phelps were spotted recently having drinks at the Chateau Marmont.

"It’s all part of Demi and Ashton’s effort to get Michael to sign with them" an insider told THE ENQUIRER.

Then the power couple invited Phelps to their home for dinner.

"Do you want to be on a box of cereal or do you want to be a Hollywood star?" Ashton asked Phelps point blank, the source revealed. 

According to tinsel town insiders the reality show could be reality by spring.

As long as they don’t get Punk’d.