While DEMI MOORE & ASHTON KUTCHER play romantic for paps, they may be in hot water with the NCAA for their part in the  University of Iowa recruitiment scandal!

While Kutch neglected to make mention of the "no-no" meet and greet in his Tweets, The University of Iowa Hawekeyes program may be in jeopardy for setting up face time with The Dude Where’s My Car star and "wifey".

The Des Moines Register reports The NCAA is livid that UI allowed two high school basketball recruits to meet  with Ashton and Demi  earlier this year,

Meeting celebs violates NCAA rules which prohibit recruits to meet individual boosters considered to represent a school’s athletic interests, the Iowa tab reported.

Evidently Kutcher, an Iowa native, is a big Hawkeyes fan and donates heavily to his semi alma mater.

In the 1990s he briefly attended the university before dropping out to be a male model.