Former teen idol Deborah Gibson decided to bare all in a sexy photo spread for Playboy because she’s advertising for a boyfriend — specifically Jamie Foxx.

She hopes the Oscar-nominated star of “Ray” gets a copy and likes what he sees.

“I am now in dating mode,” she told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. “I’m not with anyone. I did Playboy because I have a very free spirit and I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I want to have fun.

“It’s opened me up a lot. I hope it opens me up to a lot of men.” Pointing to her curvy bottom, the singer, whose new single is appropriately called “Naked,” added: “I want to be in Jamie Foxx’s speed dial because he likes big booties and I’ve got a big boot.”

While she’s waiting for Jamie to call, Deborah, who sold over 16 million albums with ’80s pop hits like “Foolish Beat,” also wanted to get an instant message out in The ENQUIRER to current pop princesses Ashlee Simpson and JoJo.

She said Jessica Simpson‘s little sister needs to get more experience before she plays big crowds. And she slammed Simpson’s record company for sending Ashlee out unprepared, saying she “has been thrown to the wolves.”

Ashlee was viciously booed by 72,000 football fans during a nationally televised halftime performance at Florida’s Orange Bowl.

The embarrassing incident came just weeks after the 20-year-old was caught lip-synching on “Saturday Night Live.”

Ashlee said she used a recording because she was suffering from acid reflux disease. “I really think that she is so young and she just hasn’t had enough experience to develop her voice,” said Deborah.

“I played small clubs when I started, but she has been thrown to the wolves.”

Deborah, who was 16 when she had her first hit, also slammed the sexual precociousness of young girl singers like 14-year-old JoJo.

She said she feared for the young new star, who was just 13 when her self-titled debut album reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts in its first week.

“I think it is scary that you are now getting the JoJos of this world,” said Deborah. “She is a 14- year-old girl who might have been in touch with her sexuality or was just pretending.

“She was getting men responding to her at 13 when she was nowhere near ready to do that.”

But if Jamie Foxx is reading this, Deborah, speaking for herself, wants him to know that at 34, she’s more than ready for a little romance.