DEBBY BOONE “lights up her life’ but WHAT she’s hiding from dad PAT BOONE will send him on a new JOURNEY TO THE CENTER of the EARTH!

Debby's hiding a sin-sational secret from her ultra-conservative father Pat – her preacher hus­band Gabriel Ferrer officiates at gay weddings!

While 78-year-old Pat Boone claims he is not homophobic, the pop legend has been ex­tremely outspoken about his opposition to gay marriage. And dutiful Debby is doing everything in her power to prevent her father from find­ing out that her hubby of 32 years marries homosexual couples, say sources.

“While Debby and Ga­briel are religious and true to their faith, they both believe that gay couples should have the same civil rights as married couples,” revealed an insider.

Although Debby sharply disagrees with her father’s viewpoint on the subject, she goes out of her way to main­tain peace between them by keeping him in the dark about that side of Gabriel’s work.

Sometimes it can be tough like when Gabriel teamed up with Judge Judy to preside over the relatively high-profile gay wedding of singer Mi­chael Feinstein. But it helps that Pat can’t keep up with current events on the Internet – because he has no idea how to use it! Debby also tries to avoid discussing her gay marriage stance in interviews to prevent Pat from finding out how she really feels.

“Debby wishes Pat would change his views and be more accepting of equal rights for gays, but she knows it won’t happen,” said the source. “So in order to maintain a good relationship, she keeps the peace by not letting him in on their secret.”

POP FYI: PAT Boone starred in the Jules Verne classic “Journey of the Center of the Earth” with James Mason, Arlene Dahl, Diane Baker  and Gertrude the Duck. Talk about some hard core spelunking!