LYME’S DISEASE has turned former ’80s chart-topper DEBBIE GIBSON into a shocking shadow of her former self!

The now skeletal singer – known for such hits as “Electric Youth” and “Only in My Dreams” – kept her medical crisis secret until being cruelly taunted about her figure on the Internet.

The illness is caused by a bacteria transmitted by infected ticks.

In Debbie’s case, it led to her having odd reactions to foods. “I could not touch sugar, starch, caffeine, certain oils, etc., without having a severe reaction that felt like electricity running through my body,” revealed Debbie, 43.

But Debbie didn’t know what was wrong with her as she began suffering nerve pain, muscle fatigue, fever, migraines, weight-loss and other symptoms. And when she tried Botox injections to fill out her face, it made her condition even worse.

She was tested for “everything under the sun” – except Lyme disease. Thankfully, Debbie found a doctor who finally diagnosed her correctly and has helped her recover.

Back on the road to health, she’s set to be a judge on ABC’s summer series “Sing Your Face Off,” which challenges celebrities to train and perform as famous musical icons.

Now, Debbie, who lives with nutritionist Dr. Rutledge Taylor, says: “I actually feel like me again."