CHARLES BRONSON’s favorite director MICHAEL WINNER, of “Death Wish" and “The Mechanic” fame, dead at 77.

Winner's wife Geraldine made the sad announcement that the iconoclastic Brit passed at his London home after an illness.

Among Winner's 30 movies included three "Death Wish" films starring the legendary Charles Bronson.

Born in London in 1935, Winner worked with top Hollywood stars including Marlon Brando (“The Nightcomers” an adaptation of “Turn of the Screw”), Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum (“The Big Sleep" remake )and Faye Dunaway ("The Wicked Lady").

Among Winner’s first flicks was the 1962 nudist feature "Some Like It Cool" and Brit kitchen sink dramas like “The Girl Getters” with young tough Oliver Reed.

Later, Winner specialized in thrillers and actioners, including "The Mechanic,"(Bronson)  “Lawman”'” Scorpio" (both with Burt Lancaster) and the "Death Wish" series.

He also teamed again with Bronson on the gritty oater “Chato’s Land” championing American indian rights.

Winner never took criticism of his films too seriously.

"If you want art, don't mess about with movies," he once said. "Buy a Picasso."

Adios, amigo.