LATEST UPDATE! At 8:50 PM EDT an ashen-faced ROBERT KENNEDY JR  left the palatial home where his wife MARY RICHARDSON KENNEDY, 52, was found earlier today by police at approximately 1:36 PM hanging from a noose in the barn.  Although Robert filed for divorce a year ago, they were still technically married. 

NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporter ALEXANDER HITCHEN was on the scene as grief stricken friends and relatives bearing food and flowers entered the palatial home.

RFK, Jr. showed up around 8:10 PM in a dark blue Lexus, Hitchen reported.

His face grim and resolute, clearly burdened,  Bobby exited the car.  He was wearing a short sleeve polo shirt and he was soon joined by grieving friends, family members and neighbors.

Kennedy appeared stunned, reeling from shock.

Bobby's entourage was followed closely by a Town of Bedford police car as cops kept a wary eye on mounting media assemblage.

After staying for about 40 minutes inside the tragic abode, Kennedy returned to his car and without speaking to the press drove off.

“A real shame,” a neighbor told THE ENQUIRER.  “They always seemed plagued with trouble. She seemed so alone after the divorce.”

EARLIER @ 4:30 PM EDT:  Tragedy has struck the KENNEDY FAMILY again as the wife of ROBERT KENNEDY JR is found dead at her home by police. Bobby Jr’s estranged wife MARY RICHARDSON KENNEDY, 52, was discovered at her home in Westchester, NY in a suicide.

The nephew of  President JOHN F KENNEDY and the son of ROBERT and ETHEL KENNEDY, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. was married to Mary for 16 years, before filing for divorce in May 2010. As The ENQUIRER reported previously he has been seeing actress Cheryl Hines who's been mentoring daughter/actress Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy who appears in the new HBO series "Newsroom".

Lately, Bobby, Jr., Mary’s ex, an environmentalist, been living primarily in California, palling around with movie stars and wooing TV actress Cheryl Hines.

Bedford Police spokesperson Lt. Jeff Dickan confirmed a dead body was removed from the home and the Westchester County Medical Examiner is in possession of Mary's remains.

“No one knows anything right now. The family knows she died sometime today and we are waiting on fuller information as soon as we can. The family is making arrangements,” Mary Kennedy’s attorney Patricia Hennessey told,

Mary lived at the family home in Mount Kisco, New York while Robert spent the majority of his time in Los Angeles.


Just three days after Robert filed for divorce in May 2010, Mary was charged with driving under the influence by the Bedford Hills police after she failed a number of sobriety tests and her blood alcohol level registered at 0.11.

She was busted again withing days  for driving under the influence of drugs.