ULTIMATE pop kult smackdown! Did MICHAEL get MARCIA-ed? Did GREG do an "eclectic boogaloo" with JERMAINE?!

It all went down nearly 43 years ago as the much ballyhooed duel of the titans since Ali fought Liston.

Back in the dark ages, when there were only THREE TV networks, the new crop of Saturday morning cartoons were ballyhooed each season with prime time specials.

The Brady Bunch met the Jackson 5 on neutral turf on a “sunshine-y day” in 1971. 

On the kidvid promo Brady Bunch Visits ABC, the fictional Mike and Carol Brady dropped off the brood off at the studio. 

Making their way through the morass of sugary-coated fare,  the Cali kids met Motown cool  — on the scene to promo their own new Saturday morning cartoon, "The Jackson 5ive".

A pint-sized Michael Jackson led the Detroit delegation and Greg, “Johnny Bravo” led The Silver Platters singers, who would have their own cartoon show as well — The Brady Kids.

Evidently, a good time was had by all despite the seemingly staged PR pic.

Score Card:

Bradys:  6           Jacksons:  5        

Hit Song:    

Bradys: "Sunshine Day"   

Jacksons:  "ABC"

Episodes aired:

The Brady Kids:  22         

Jackson 5ive:  23 episodes

Latter day incarnations:

 Brady Bunch: (2 feature films – reboots)

 Jacksons:  Michael