"Can you say bundle of joy for  David Duchovny and Tea Leoni?" say pals.

The separated couple, who’ve been married for more than a decade, recently reconciled during a spring break getaway to the Caribbean island of Mustique with their two children.

David and Tea have been working on fixing their broken relationship for some time, a source revealed. But with David’s history of sex addiction, there were trust issues they had to resolve.

"Little by little they’ve managed to work through them," continued the source. "And the fact they still see each other often in New York City helped."

David and Tea have maintained separate apartments close to each other in Manhattan, where they split time with their kids, Madelaine, who turns 10 this month, and Kyd, 6.

"There were still a lot of feelings between Tea and David," said the source. "They never actually filed for formal separation – I don’t think they ever wanted the marriage to end.

"It just took a romantic holiday with their kids to finally bring them to their senses."

David knows that Tea has always wanted another child. And now that she’s 43, David, 48, knows there’s no time to waste.

"To win her back, he played his trump card," said the source. "He promised if she were not pregnant in a year they would look into adoption."

Tea took David back "on probation" last fall, says the source, but wasn’t convinced they’d be able to get past their problems.

"Tea wanted proof that David’s number one priority is family," added the source. "And with him committing to expanding the brood, Tea feels like she can trust him again."