“Just Shoot Me” star David Spade has hit the bull’s-eye with a gorgeous model — and their red-hot romance would make his skirt-chasing TV character green with envy.

David has fallen hard for statuesque blonde Caprice Bourret. And even though he’s only 5-foot-7 and the former Wonderbra model is 5-foot-9, the happy couple see eye to eye.

“David is really smitten with Caprice,” a pal of the former “Saturday Night Live” star told The ENQUIRER.

On his popular NBC comedy, David, 37, plays Dennis Finch — wisecracking assistant to the publisher of a fashion magazine — and he is a bust romantically with all the beautiful, tall models he meets.

“Meeting Caprice and going out with her was like total wish fulfillment for David and for his TV character. When it turned out that Caprice was really attracted to him and the affections were mutual, David couldn’t believe his good fortune,” confided his pal.

“She’s like a dream come true — gorgeous, sexy, funny and she really cares for him!”

The two unlikely lovebirds met at a private party in Los Angeles last May. Since then they’ve been practically inseparable and have shared many intimate dinners in both New York and Los Angeles.

The American-born Caprice, who’s dated a string of eligible men, most notably Rod Stewart, Prince Andrew and Dennis Quaid, made a big name for herself in Europe.

She was a regular on British TV and hosts a travel show seen worldwide on the Travel Channel, and her face has graced more than 250 magazine covers.

Despite all the eligible men who pursued her, Caprice thinks David is just the coolest man around, said his pal. “Caprice really loves his sense of humor, and she thinks David is the best kisser.”

The couple were recently spotted kissing up a storm at the party celebrating Paul McCartney’s “Concert for New York,” on October 20.

Then just four days later, the duo were spotted back in Los Angeles sharing a cozy dinner at Ago, a trendy new hot spot.

The couple also share a love of dancing and have been spotted at the Latin Lounge, a popular nightclub.

“They’re very serious about each other,” revealed the pal. “David thinks Caprice is a goddess.

“Who knows what the future will bring, but for right now, neither one of them is interested in being with anyone else.”