Troubled David Hasselhoff is floundering in alcohol rehab, and his difficulties are complicating his recovery and jeopardizing his new “Baywatch” reunion movie, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The 50-year-old star — currently a patient at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. — has had a hard time coming to grips with his demons, and has been trying to hide his true identity from fellow patients and his problems from his business colleagues, sources say.

As The ENQUIRER revealed in a World Exclusive in our July 16 issue, Hasselhoff OD’d on booze on June 26 after going AWOL from rehab. He was hospitalized and eventually went back to the center — but sources say he’s still causing problems for himself.

Revealed an insider: “David’s fellow patients think he’s throwing his weight around and getting special treatment at Betty Ford. He’s been telling everyone to call him ‘Mike,’ even though they know damn well he’s David Hasselhoff.

“What’s more, he’s angered a bunch of people by having his wife Pamela and his assistant Joe come to AA meetings and group therapy sessions. The sessions are not supposed to be open to outsiders of any kind — not even family and friends.

“But apparently David wants to be an exception. He’s riding roughshod over everyone.”

People are upset with Hasselhoff outside rehab as well. Business colleagues associated with his current movie projects are worried about meeting deadlines.

“David’s disappearance off the radar has put his ‘Baywatch’ reunion movie in severe jeopardy,” a source close to Hasselhoff told The ENQUIRER.

“The producers, directors and writers have been having a heart attack. David went off the scope just as the movie was shifting into high gear for production. Producers were supposed to begin preproduction meetings with David starting July 1. Shooting is set to begin August 5.

“But it’s looking less and less likely that series star David will be there and without David — who’s also a producer — the whole project is in flux.”

To make matters worse, Hasselhoff tried to hide his troubles.

“No one was sure what happened to him until almost a week after he’d gone into Betty Ford,” the source said. “A lot was riding on David’s shoulders and he just sort of crashed and burned without telling anyone.

“David should have gotten word to at least a small group of friends and producers. Sometimes you have to own up to your problems.”