Yuuup! Ex –STORAGE WARS star DAVE HESTER can’t hide his glee as the reality show goes down for the count.

Hester, who is suing the network and the show’s production company, is gleefully claiming the show has lost one million viewers in four weeks.

Hester filed suit after the show effectively locked him out. He charges that the show is faked, with items planted in lockers to add dramatic effect.

Recently popular auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson have had their screen time cut back, and different auctioneers have been featured, RadarOnline reported.

Their absence was noted by one fan who tweeted: “why aren’t dan n Laura on twitter saying what a great show they had this week, oh yea, they weren’t in it.”

Hester retweeted the message. But he has also been busy letting the world know the show’s ratings are falling since he left.

He Tweeted, “Would any of the Storage Wars cast comment on the recent ratings DROP? Change the name to Storage Friends scamming the public for a paycheck.”

And stats seem to prove him right that he ailing show seems to be no match these days for new kingpins of reality – Duck Dynasty.