Christie Brinkley took the stand again today and told the courtroom just how hard it was to put on a brave face when she discovered hubby Peter Cook was having a steamy affair with his 18 year old employee, Diana Bianchi.

Brinkley testified it was a “nightmare” as she threw a birthday party for her children and 28 others.

Brinkley said it was hard to spare the children the details of her husbands’ internet porn habit as she announced they were breaking up.

“I think Daddy has fallen out of love with me,’ she told me and then assured both Sailor Lee, 10, and Jack, 13, that they were both loved.

Since both Cook and Brinkley signed a pre-nup agreement, the trial is over the custody of the two children.

Meanwhile Cook’s legal teams are prepping the turn the screws on the former Sports Illustrated model as a psychotic, scorned woman who attempted to cut Cook out of their children’s lives.

An unbiased court-appointed psychiatrist will also testify Brinkley is "blinded by anger”.

Cook has also pointed out publicly that despite Christie’s squeaky clean image, he was her fourth husband.

Priors include music superstar Billy Joel who immortalized Christie as his “Uptown Girl”.

Reportedly, Brinkley sought consolation with her ex-Billy over the July Fourth weekend as the trial recessed for the holiday.