ANN CURRY reportedly huddling with Al Jazeera America about working for Qatara new org that recently bought Al Gore’s failing net.

 The embattled former Today show co-host has been approached by Al Jazeera America about the possibility of working for the soon to be launched U.S. branch of the Qatar government owned company.

 “Ann has had informal talks about working for the new Al Jazeera operation in America which is expected to formally launch later this year,” a source told

 “She’s extremely interested in what the network will be doing in the U.S. and has always held their reporting in high regard.

“She’s still in talks with CNN, but the opportunity of being front and center at the launch of a new international news channel, especially one that promises to shake up and challenge existing reporting of world events, is something that greatly appeals to her.” 

AL Gore sold his Current TV network to Al Jazeera in January for $500 million, and the news immediately sparked a firestorm of controversy and criticism — with, not surprisingly, right leaning Fox News‘ pundits and hosts being among the most vocal opponents.

Bill O’Reilly claimed that, “Gore has shamed himself simply by selling to Al Jazeera.” 

While, Glenn Beck branded Gore as “un-American” for selling to Al Jazeera when his own bid attempt was dismissed

Gore defended the sale though during an appearance on the Charlie Rose Show, ripping Fox News reporting and opinion as “propaganda” and insisting Al Jazeera journos are “respected” and “tell it like it is.”