Justin Timberlake had eyes only for girlfriend Cameron Diaz when he flew to Florida to keep her company during a movie shoot — and that meant heartbreak for two little fans.

The girls — both under 10 years old — plucked up their courage to ask Justin for his autograph as the couple ate dinner at Dakotah’s restaurant in Delray Beach on April 30.

But they were crushed when the handsome pop star snubbed them! “Justin was so involved with Cameron that he just said no when the little girls asked him,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

But Justin found there were some older girls in the restaurant who wouldn’t be brushed off so easily — they tried to follow him into the men’s room, says the source.

Justin and Cameron — who was filming “In Her Shoes” with Shirley MacLaine on the beach nearby — finally sneaked out of the restaurant through an alleyway. — DAVID WRIGHT