Since The NATIONAL ENQUIRER first broke the world exclusive bombshell that HAPPY DAYS ERIN MORAN’s homeless —  the madcap star’s been acting nuttier than ever!

Since being evicted from her trailer one-time Joanie Cunningam has been living in el-cheapo flophouses (i.e.motels) and now new pix have emerged of the hard partying gal Chachi once loved. reported a friendly group of visitors to a Corydon motel in Indiana were both surprised and confused recently when Moran "tip-toed around the corner acting weird" and joined them in the motel parking lot to pop open a cold one.

"We were just hanging outside at about 9 or 10 pm, and she just happened to be coming out around the corner and stopped and talked to us," one eyewitness told in an exclusive interview.

"She was real goofy and silly acting. She said was heading over to the bar for a tequila shot, but actually stayed with us instead and hung out for the next three or four hours outside in the grass."

Rather than appearing as if she was on drugs or falling down drunk, Erin "almost seemed like she was just nuts. She was just kind of out there!" the source said.

"She seemed like she was a little off, it was hard to tell if it was just alcohol. She didn’t do any drugs or talk about them in front of us. She was definitely a little kooky and acted weird, saying odd things, and even offered to give me a back rub!"

"About a half hour into meeting her when we’d just been wondering ‘Who is this crazy woman?’ she asked if we knew who she was, and I said, ‘You look like…’ and she said ‘That’s who I am,’ before I could even get it out," she explained.

"We didn’t believe who she was at first, so we were questioning her. We looked on my phone on the internet, and she obviously gave us the right answers so that we believed her."

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