Jim Belushi and “Catwoman” Julie Newmar are embroiled in Hollywood’s wackiest feud! The 70-year-old actress accuses the “According to Jim” star of cruelly tormenting her.

But Belushi’s spokesman insists Newmar is to blame for the feud. In fact, she was charged with tossing eggs at his home!

The ENQUIRER has all the bizarre details of this star vs. star war.

“Jim Belushi is an aggressive bully,” Julie told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“He continually disregards the law when it comes to his house and property.

“And if I complain, he threatens me.


“One day he tried to intimidate me by yelling, ‘I am so rich, I could wipe you out!’

“I said, ‘I am glad to hear that. I hope you make so much money that you’ll buy a bigger home and move away from me!’ “

Newmar purchased her 1,964-square-foot Brentwood home in March 1979, two years before the birth of her only son John, who suffers from Down’s syndrome.

Shortly after the move, she separated from her husband, Texas attorney J. Holt Smith.

Eight years later, Belushi bought his house on the lot to the south of Newmar’s home — and the war began!


Although Belushi, 49, refused to be interviewed, here are a few of the skirmishes in the ongoing Jim-Julie feud, according to Newmar:

  • Belushi installed a Jacuzzi and relocated all his pool pump motors adjacent to Newmar’s property line. She said she had to spend over $20,000 on backyard fountains to drown out the noise from Belushi’s five pump motors.

  • Newmar complained that the security lights from Belushi’s second story shined directly into her home at night, keeping her awake.

    She installed what she calls “Belushi blackout drapes” on all of her south-facing windows.

  • Belushi painted a red “no parking” line on the curb in front of his home, forcing all visitors and workers to park on the street in front of Newmar’s home instead of his.

    Newmar notified the city about the code violation and had the curb repainted gray to cover the red.

    “After I repainted his curb, he drove by my house on his motor scooter, stopped his scooter, raised his fist and yelled at me, ‘This is war!’ ” said Julie.

  • Newmar forced Belushi to relocate his air conditioner after complaining that its loud noise prevented her from sleeping. Belushi moved his air conditioner several feet, but then installed two larger ACs in place of the original one.

    Newmar was charged with lobbing an egg over the fence at the noisy ACs, which splattered on the side of his house. A criminal misdemeanor complaint was filed against Newmar, forcing her to pay $5,000 in punitive damages.

    Belushi’s spokesman told The ENQUIRER that Newmar actually tossed about a dozen eggs!

    “I’m not a violent person, but Belushi wouldn’t listen to my complaints about the noise,” said Julie.

    “I was so exasperated I was driven to throw the egg.

    “After I paid him $5,000 in damages, I had to pay my attorney. The entire bill came to around $12,000. It was quite a costly egg!”

  • Belushi enlarged his 3,508- square-foot home, moving one of his outside walls nearly to Newmar’s lot line. Julie, an avid gardener, complained that the light to her garden was greatly diminished.

  • Newmar says Belushi built a plastic extension on the six-foot fence separating their properties, creating a 15-foot-high structure between them.

    Newmar notified the city of the alleged code violation, then withdrew her complaint after she says Belushi told her that if the fence came down, he would bring in a crane and install a line of 80-foot trees, which would block even more of her light.


    On January 25, Newmar wrote to her local councilwoman, Cindy Miscikowski, complaining about the fence.

    In her letter, Newmar said, “I live next door to a neighbor from hell . . .

    “I have called Police, Fire, Building and Safety Departments and other authorities on dozens of his prior law-breaking actions. It is exhausting and expensive.

    “Please help me. I need some peace.”


    Jim Belushi did not return calls from The ENQUIRER seeking comment. But his spokesman told The ENQUIRER:

    “Mr. Belushi filed a complaint against her previously and she’s angry. We have an established track record that she’s angry and unstable.” — PATRICIA TOWLE