A $60 Craig’s List hook-up for sex turned deadly as a teenager confessed to the grisly murder of a popular local radio newsman.

ABC News broadcaster George Weber had been trolling the local Craig’s List online bulletin board for sexual thrills when he found one that ended in him being stabbed as many as 50 times in his Brooklyn flat.

NY Police apprehended a 16 year-old from Queens, John Katehis, miles from the scene in Upstate New York. 

Katehis, a Satan loving teen with a knife fetish, thrived on violence and sex. The teen immediately confessed to police the brutal knife murder.

The victim’s neighbors told police Weber was a frequent habitué of Craig’s List sex hook ups.

The suspect, Katehis said he had been hired for $60 to choke Weber and engage in oral sex with the older man but when vodka and cocaine got flowing, the party spiraled got out of control.

Weber’s ankles were soon duct taped, as Katesis allegedly slashed him repeatedly with multiple stab wounds across the face and hands as the cheap tryst turned to murder.