Published on: April 21, 2009

Authorities allege that preppie Phillip Markoff, a Boston U. Med student, devised an insidious plan to prey on Craig’s List  hookers who’d be too scared to report the assaults to cops.

"This was a brutal, vicious crime - savage - and it shows that Philip Markoff is a man who is willing to take advantage of women," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said.

When cops caught the suspected murderer of Julissa Brisman he was en route  to get “lucky” at Foxwoods casino with a suitcase stuffed with $1000 in cash.

The prostitute, Brisman, 26, was shot to death in a posh Boston hotel after meeting the suspect for sex turned sadistic.

Cops caught up with the suspect by tracing his email IP address from the victim’s e-mail account.

The preppie suspect may have had a very expensive gambling addiction that was funded by robbing escorts.                               
Markoff was also charged with the kidnapping and robbery of another prostitute Trisha Leffler, at the Westin, another posh Boston hotel. He is also suspected of assaulting an exotic dancer in Rhode Island.

Security camera images show a blond man strongly resembling the suspect in custody and all the victims were greeted by a well groomed young man wielding  plastic handcuffs. 

Cops are now urging other victims to come forward regardless of the illicit activities they may have been were engaged in with Markoff.

"Our priority is to hold him accountable for each and every one of those crimes, not to hold you accountable for offering services on Craigslist,” Conley stated.