The real reason for the COURTNEY COX split up – she’s in love with her TV costar and hid it from nearly everyone! reports Courteney, 46, is a real life Cougar Town queen, seducing a much younger man in the months before she agreed to end her faltering 11-year-marriage to cheatin’ hubby David Arquette.

As The Enquirer previously reported  Courteney had been eyewitnessed getting close with hunky costar Brian Van Halt in an attempt to make David jealous (see below)

"Courteney doesn’t believe she was cheating on David because they had been leading separate lives for some time," a close pal told

"But she is smitten and in love with this man, almost besotted… he seems to be providing something that David didn’t during the marriage.

"They’ve been secretly dating for some time, and now the split with David is official, time will tell if the relationship may well get even more serious."

Or is the show’s ratings rise in the wake of the much ballyhooed split.

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