“American Idol” judge Simon Cowell has been caught again!

Two months after The ENQUIRER nabbed the man dubbed “Mr. Nasty” red-handed with two gorgeous women at the Playboy Mansion, new photos show Simon kissing another lovely during a dinner date at an exclusive London restaurant.

Simon’s live-in girlfriend, “Extra” TV correspondent Terri Seymour, was nowhere in sight when the 45-year-old star frolicked at the Cipriani restaurant in mid-November.

“Simon was clearly having a good time with this woman–he seemed to be spending as much time kissing her as he was eating his meal,” a source told The ENQUIRER.


“Another woman did dine with them earlier in the evening, but there was no indication it was his girlfriend.

“And when Simon and the woman left the restaurant, he hightailed it back to his home in Holland Park.”

When contacted by The ENQUIRER for an explanation, a close friend of Simon said: “Terri Seymour was there with Simon. In fact, they were there with a group of friends at Cipriani.

“Simon did get a kiss from one of the women in the party, but it was all in the name of charity.

“The woman is Tania Zaetta, who is a game show host for the Australian show ‘Who Dares Wins.’

“One of the guests at the dinner offered Tania $1,000 to kiss Simon for charity. She kissed him and won the dare. She will give the money to the charity Children in Need.”

But eyewitnesses say that it appeared to be far from being a one-time kiss for charity and Simon spent considerable time with the woman.

And his friend’s bizarre explanation is right up there with comments Simon made after The ENQUIRER caught him with two women at the Playboy Mansion in California.


After The ENQUIRER story ran in our September 20 issue–with a photo showing Simon in a lip-lock with one of the women–Cowell was quoted as saying: “It was a one-second kiss.

“The girl who kissed me had a photographer with her. That’s really all it was. I was back early that night.”

Cowell insisted the whole thing was “blown out of proportion.” And girlfriend Terri, 30, believed him.

But the person at the party who snapped the photo declared: “It wasn’t a one-second kiss but 40 minutes in the bathroom, behind closed doors.

“I know because I had to use the bathroom badly and I kept looking at my watch!

“When the door finally opened I was shocked to see Simon necking with this scantily clad girl.

“They lingered long enough for me to get a good photograph and were completely oblivious when the flash went off. That’s how much they were into it.

“If I was Terri, I wouldn’t believe everything Simon told me.”

The ENQUIRER has also revealed that Simon tried to hook up with porn stars Tabitha Stevens and Illana Lesa.