"Cougar Town" hottie COURTNEY COX and fiancé Johnny McDaid cast a “love spell” during a visit to the rocker’s native Northern Ireland, The ENQUIRER has learned.
The traditional custom is a “love blessing” for newly engaged couples, according to a local source. 
“A local nun came up to them and told them to do it before they got married,” the source revealed.
“Courteney is really superstitious, so she did the whole thing.
“To perform the spell, you walk to a spot beneath your beloved’s bedroom window during the witching hour (midnight to 1 a.m.), and whisper their name three times to the night wind.”
Courteney, 50, performed the ritual in Johnny’s hometown of Derry, while they were there to celebrate his 38th birthday, said the source. 
The former “Friends” star announced her engagement to Johnny, a member of the alt rock band “Snow Patrol,” on Twitter on June 26. 
She met Johnny’s extended family for the first time during their visit, and now has her heart set on tying the knot in an Irish castle, said the source.
“Courteney went to Lough Eske Castle and fell in love with it as a wedding venue,” added the source. The castle costs an estimated $400,000 a day to rent, and Courteney wants to fly over loads of guests for a week-long wedding celebration, said the source. 
“But she can’t reserve anything because she can’t name the exact date!” divulged the source.
“Courteney openly complained about her ‘pain-in-the-ass pact’ with Jennifer Aniston that she won’t get married before Jen. Courteney says she regrets it because Jen won’t commit to a wedding date, so she can’t either!”