No more boys! Kim Cattrall is a cougar no more!

The 53-year-old Sex and the City star is on the prowl for a new boyfriend, but she’s told pals the LAST thing she wants is another younger man. Kim and her previous beau, Alan Wyse – who is 23 years her junior -split early last year.

"Kim is through with younger men – now she’s on the hunt for an older, more mature man," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "Kim still believes in true love, and she wants to marry again. But with Alan, Kim felt more like a baby sitter than a girlfriend – and they had ferocious fights over marriage and kids."

While Kim was ready to settle down, Alan wasn’t ready to tie the knot, says the insider. What’s more, he was pressuring Kim to adopt a baby with him – and motherhood is definitely NOT on Kim’s agenda.

"The bottom line is that she wants a serious, grown-up relationship now," divulged the insider.

Although Kim, who has been married three times, helped popularize the term "cougar" – an older woman who preys on younger men – with her character Samantha Jones on the hit HBO TV series, she pins her own relationship troubles on the massive age gap between her and Alan.

"Since Kim and Alan split, she’s been besieged with offers from guys young enough to be her grandsons.

"She’s flattered, but not interested. She put her friends on notice that if they want to play matchmaker, she’ll consider only dates who are close to her age or older."

The blonde bombshell took a romance breather following the painful breakup, but after recently losing 10 pounds, she’s ready to jump back into the dating pool.

"Kim is in a great place physically, emotionally and career-wise," added the insider. "She is definitely on the prowl again, just not for young hunks."