FORMER “COSBY” KID, Lisa Bonet, has done the most difficult thing a mother could do: She’s given up custody of her child.

The 33-year-old actress agonized for months before finally deciding that daughter Zoe, 12, should live with her rock star dad, Lenny Kravitz. Lisa, who portrayed seductively charming Denise Huxtable on NBC’s “The Cosby Show,” divorced Lenny in 1993.

“Lisa loves Zoe with all her heart, but she also knows it’s for the best,” said a source close to the star.

“Lisa has never really gotten over her breakup with Lenny,” the source revealed. “Lisa disappeared from the scene and tried to establish a private life her herself and Zoe. But the more Lisa tried to hide from the world, the more Zoe wanted to break loose!”

Zoe began spending more and more time with her father, and finally the child asked if she could stay with Lenny permanently.

“Zoe loves traveling with her dad and watching him perform instead of sitting around the house with Lisa,” the source said. “It wasn’t that Zoe didn’t want to be with Lisa — she loves her mother — it was just more fun to live with her father!

“Lisa knows she will see Zoe regularly — but it’s not going to be the same.

“Lenny is a good father and Lisa won’t have to worry about Zoe being well taken care of. But Zoe’s her only child — and no matter what, it hurts!”

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