Former child star Corey Feldman, one half of the new surreality show The Two Coreys (with Corey Haim) says he was molested — just not by life long pal Michael Jackson.

Feldman who was a close chum of the Prince of Puzzlements during his chart topping Thriller era had been subpoenaed to testify during Jackson’s 2005 abuse trial.

Because the aging thesp, now 36, was placed under a strict gag order, he was forbidden to discuss the case – even in defense of Jackson.

"People can say whatever they want, but it wasn’t Michael," Corey confided to GQ.

"He and I have our own issues, but that wasn’t one of them.

“The guy that did this to me was my assistant. I was still a virgin at the time.”

Meanwhile the other Corey – Haim – confessed on camera that he too had been molested.

Say anything to bolster sagging ratings of so-called reality shows, right guys? 

Just ask Denise Richards.