New wrinkle in angelic faced bad boy gangsta wanna-be JUSTIN BIEBER Euro-insanity tour.

Swedish police said they had found drugs and a stun gun on the pop singer's bus, AP reported.

Lars Bystrom, spokesman for the Stockholm police said a small amount of drugs and a stun gun were discovered during a search of the bus/

The bus had been parked under in the labyrinths beneath the Globen concert venue in Stockholm, where Biebs was shaking it.

Bystrom declined to identify the drug, telling AP it was sent to a lab for analysis.

No one was arrested since the bus was vacant during the search.

Swedish police moved into action act after whiffing the stench of skunk-type marijuana coming from inside the bus when it was parked outside the hotel where Bieber was staying with his party hearty entourage.

During the concert, Swedish cops searched the vacant bus during the concert, Bystrom said.

Bieber's tumultuous European tour has thus far included a controversial monkey detention, an Ann Frank holocaust museum furor, a sex-crazed Instagram pic and a grim health scare.