Batman wanna-be, cops arrested

“Holy trespassing and carrying concealed weapons” as Michigan cops bust BATMAN wanna-be fiddling about on a rooftop!

A 31-year-old unnamed Michigan man dressed as Batman was arrested as he dangled from the side of a building, local authorities said.

The faux Bat, whose name has not been released, was also collared for possession of several "dangerous weapons," according to the Petoskey Department of Public Safety.

State troopers apprehended "Batman" after receiving a call that someone   — or something — was on the roof of a 30-foot tall building along East Mitchell St. in Petoskey, Mi. shortly before midnight.

Cops witnessed a male subject, dressed in a homemade Batman costume, hanging (by his hands) off the western wall of the building," according to a Petoskey Department of Public Safety PR statement.

He was retrieved back up onto the rooftop and frisked.

Officers found "a baton type striking weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray, and a pair of lead-lined gloves."

"Batman" is being held at the Emmet County jail.

No word yet whether faux millionaire “Bruce Wayne” has posted bail.