The uber-creepy priest accused of stalking Conan O’Brien has the Catholic Church hot under the collar.

And it’s not for renewing his pursuit of the Late Night host as his "most dangerous fan," but for checking himself out of a med center against the strict decree of the Boston Archdiocese.

Conan Stalker-at-large Father David Ajemian may have gotten off lightly with a $95 fine after copping a plea back in April to disorderly conduct in a Manhattan Supreme Court but that’s nothing compared to what Sean Cardinal O’Malley has in store for the fugitive father.

O’Malley had ordered Ajemian to remain indefinitely at an undisclosed location for treatment but the wily Conan lover has now eluded the Church.

O’Malley said Father Ajemian’s days as a priest are now over and in a statement released by the diocese said "He is not authorized to function as a priest."

Conan, heads up – beware of non-collar wearing priests loitering in your vicinity!