JEN ANISTON, CHER, ANNE HATHAWAY, LIV TYLER and others allegedly taken by Beverly Hills hair salon kingpin in massive credit card swindle, feds charge.

Hair style palace Chez Gabriela‘s owner Maria Gabriela Perez was busted yesterday and charged with big time scamming.

Her alleged racket was uncovered when Tyler’s management discovered over $200,000 in bogus charges on the beauty’s two Am-Ex cards between June and Novemer 2009.

Prosecutors said the credit cards numbers were entered manually at the salon – not "swiped" – which meant they were done without permission.

As the feds dug deeper, they discovered the victims were primarily high profile former clients who paid for beauty and hair treatments before phony charges began appearing.

Perez is facing 25 years in federal prison if convicted on two counts of fraud.

On the walls of the salon are proudly framed testimonials from many of the stars Perez fleeced.