A former henchman of WHITEY BULGER blasts Hollywood for casting JOHNNY DEPP as the notorious Boston gangster because the actor isn’t “evil enough.”

“I don’t think that’s the best choice to play Whitey,” former gun and drug runner Eric Schneider told The National ENQUIRER.

Schneider, 46, wasn’t impressed when he saw pictures of 51-year-old Depp while filming “Black Mass,” the true story about Bulger’s stint as leader of the murderous Winter Hill Gang.

“I don’t think there is anyone that can actually portray him the way he really was,” Schneider told The ENQUIRER. “And I don’t think Johnny Depp is the best. He’s got that 
‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ 

“Batman” star Christian Bale or “Footloose” actor Kevin Bacon would have been better candidates, said Schneider added that capturing Bulger’s evil aura is key to pulling off the role. “There was nothing good about the man. You could feel the essence of evil oozing from him,” said Schneider who encountered Bulger more than 50 times in the early 1990s.

Bulger, 85, made the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list when he vanished after a 1995 murder indictment. He was finally collared in 2011.A jury found Bulger, 85, guilty of participating in 11 murders, and he’s now serving two consecutive life sentences.

In Schneider’s spent 23 years in the federal witness protection program, and he’s chronicled his life of crime in his memoir, “The Choir Boy.” In his book, he described how Bulger’s crew used the back of Schneider’s 28-foot boat as a butcher block to chop up the bodies of assassinated enemies, and then dump the body parts in Boston Harbor. “I once made the mistake of asking 
Whitey after dismembering a body why they had to stab him in the torso,” said Schneider.

“He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, ‘You gotta puncture the lungs or they’ll turn into balloons and the body will 
come up.’”