Aging action man CHUCK NORRIS, a staunch Republican political activist, believes gay people have no place in the Boy Scouts of America.

Not only that he now plans to overthrow the "century-old policy" just to ban them.

Norri.s who’s master of all thing kung fu, also has a kick ass prose style has penned an article for entitled, "Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?"

In his tirade, Norris attacks high ranking Boy Scout of America official James Turley  who recently announced his plan to "seek a change" to a Boy Scouts policy that bans gay Scouts and gay Scout leaders.

Chuck ain’t having none of that and definitely knows how to connect those conspiratorial dots writing, ““IS it a coincidence that Turley came out swinging against the BSA’s century-old policy to ban gays from leadership and that he has such close affiliations with the pro-gay Obama administration?

“If two people think so much alike, you can bet that one person isn’t thinking. Or maybe a more fitting adage here might be this: You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

Norris also writes he supports the Boy Scouts of America 100 % but he ain’t buying any of Obama’s election year panderin’ and politickin’.