INTERNET pornographers and pedophiles, beware! Chuck Norris vows to run you right out of cyberspace!

“When I saw what was available to kids on the Internet, I was shocked. It’s BAD out there!” the straight-shooting “Walker, Texas Ranger” star told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“We have to do something about our kids being exposed to the pornography and child predators on the Internet.”

Chuck and his lovely wife Gena have plenty of reason to be frightened. They are the parents of 2-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.

“Within a few years,” Norris told The ENQUIRER, “my kids will be on the Internet. I want them protected!” And Chuck is not just sounding off, he is working hard with an Internet firm to block greedy filth merchants and perverts from harming your children.

The statistics the actor cites are horrifying. The average age of first exposure to Internet pornography is 11. Nine out of l0 children using the Internet, between the ages of 11-17, have been accidentally exposed to pornography. There are THREE MILLION pornographic sites polluting the Internet, which can be reached by kids with the simple click of a mouse, despite most service providers’ parental controls.

Inappropriate material reaching impressionable youngsters is just part of the problem. An estimated one out of five children using the Internet have received solicitations from sexual predators.

“More than a million sexual predators use the Internet worldwide,” an alarmed Norris told The ENQUIRER. “There are 60 million pornographic spam e-mails every day!

“It’s scary. When I saw the statistics, I was horrified.”

Norris is mad as hell and definitely not going to take it anymore. He signed on to serve as spokesperson, along with Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” for a new Internet filtering service called

The innovative firm says its remarkable filtering capabilities can keep on-line pornography and child stalkers away from youngsters. In addition to blocking inappropriate Web sites, its creators say it also filters peer-to-peer communications, e-mails, instant messages and chat room conversations. spokesman Steve Scott told The ENQUIRER, “If a predator contacts your child, stops your children from giving out personal information.

“And if your child is sent pornographic e-mail, it is blocked before it reaches your child. It never shows up on the computer screen, but it captures a print of the problem communication and sends it to parents, so they can take appropriate action.”

The system also can filter gambling, shopping and lingerie sites from your child’s computer, says Scott.

“This is the first program that permits parents to leave the computer, and their child can still be protected.”

Adds a determined Norris: “When I was asked to participate in promoting this service, I said that for a problem as bad as this, I would be more than willing to participate.”

The no-nonsense star and self defense expert noted that while he is being paid as a spokesman, his income from this project is going toward his Kick Start program to help build character in kids through martial arts training.

Concluded Norris: “The Internet is a blessing and a curse ? it’s really good for learning, but on the other end, the degradation that goes on is terrible.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to prevent pornographers and sexual predators from reaching our kids on the Internet. I believe that is a big step in that direction.”