It seems like everyone’s reading The National Enquirer these days. Could Monster star Christina Ricci be following the trend?

In our recent Celebrity Deadly Diets bonus feature, we profiled several stars — including 25-year-old Christina — who have taken the phrase “skin and bones” to the extreme. But the 5 ft 1 in star, who these days weighs in at a scary 115lbs, may be changing her ways. She hit the beach in Malibu on Aug. 30 and indulged in a piece of chocolate cake — which has about 600 calories — and absurdly enough, washed it down with diet cola. (Isn’t that like eating a stick of butter with a side of broccoli?)

Christina needs to consume 1,725 calories per day to maintain her current weight, and 2,225 to gain one pound per week. So perhaps we should let her eat cake! But not so much that she reverts back to her old ways — she tipped the scales at 135lbs in 2003. She needs to achieve a healthy balance — which is tough, because some say you can never be too Ricci or too thin.