CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S boyfriend is leading a secret double life — when he’s not romancing the teen songstress, he’s been parading around New York with gay porn stars!

Jorge Santos, 24, has been dating Christina for several months and the singer told reporters, “We love each other dearly.”

But what Christina doesn’t know is that Jorge, who works as one of her dancers, has been prancing and dancing into the early-morning hours at gay clubs in Manhattan.

What’s more, he’s been seen kissing and dancing with a gay porn star! Jorge also was photographed with a gay porn star at a party celebrating the release of a hardcore gay movie, and the photo was published in a gay magazine.

Jorge was at a party at the Downtime nightclub on Christmas Eve and “there wasn’t a woman in the place,” an insider disclosed.

“Jorge was bumping and grinding on the dance floor with several men, some of them shirtless studs who work in adult films.”

The party was hosted by Enrique Cruz, a gay pornographic film producer and director, a source at the club told The ENQUIRER.

He also hosted a New Years Eve party and “hired male strippers to give lap dances,” said the insider.

“The male dancers were completely nude and there was a lot of touching going on between the strippers and the patrons. On the dance floor, men were nearly naked and rubbing their bodies against each other.

“Jorge was out there on the floor, enjoying himself as much as the others.”

Jorge — who can be seen unzipping Aguilera’s blouse in the video for “Come on Over Baby” — also attended a Cruz-sponsored party on Christmas Day 1999, said another source.

“He was dancing and kissing a gay model who goes by the name Octavio.

“Octavio introduced me to Jorge as his friend, but then proceeded to grope him right in front of me. The two of them had their shirts off and were kissing in the dance floor, right in front of everybody. I wonder what Christina would think if she saw that!”

Calls to Christina’s spokesperson by The ENQUIRER were not returned.

But things don’t seem to have cooled between the singer and Jorge. The ENQUIRER recently spotted the couple getting frisky and kissing in Hawaii.


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