Talk about a woman scorned! Christie Brinkley is holding on to the “love nest” her cheating husband Peter Cook used for his marriage-busting affair to keep him from getting any money from the sale!

Christie, 53, is unloading other real estate as part of her $60 million-plus divorce. She’s asking $8 million for a four-bedroom, two-bath oceanfront home in Water Mill, N.Y.

However, the $7 million unoccupied six-bedroom Greek Revival mansion in North Haven, N.Y., where Peter held trysts with his teenage lover, is remaining part of her real estate portfolio – even though Peter wants her to sell it.

“She’s holding onto the ‘love nest’ for the time being,” disclosed an insider.

“While they go through the divorce, she’s not letting Peter forget about what happened there – it’s a remote property on four acres that he used to conduct his illicit affair.”

The couple, who tied the knot in 1996, has two children – and at least three other homes.

After learning he was having an affair with his then teenage assistant Diana Bianchi, Christie ditched her 47-year-old husband. Peter, an architect, had designs on Bianchi when she was 17. They met while she was working as a clerk in a toy store. He hired her as his office assistant, and a yearlong affair followed when she was 18.

Confided the insider: “Christie’s not giving up the ‘love nest’ until she’s good and ready.”