Married actor Christian Slater spent $10,000 on lap dances and champagne at a strip club, then he reportedly visited a brothel where he blew another $500 on a 19-year-old hooker, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

Incredibly, the call girl told a British newspaper that Slater actually wanted to take THREE girls back to his swanky hotel suite, but couldn’t afford it because his ATM card was maxed out.

As it turned out, she says she was glad to have the “True Romance” star all to herself.

“The sex was fantastic — the best client I ever had. I thought I should be paying HIM!” she told the interviewer.

“He was all over me — kissing my neck and running his hands over my body. I was loving every minute. I used to really be a fan of his when I was younger.”

The young woman says at first she didn’t recognize the actor when he walked into the London brothel at 3 a.m.

He was wearing scruffy jeans and a crumpled shirt.

It was only after the Hollywood hunk picked her out that, she said, a security guy told her who her famous “john” was. Soon they were in his fourth-floor suite at one of London’s fanciest hotels, she claims.


Right off the bat, Slater told her that he is married to TV producer Ryan Haddon and has two kids, she says.

“He came across as really nice” said the woman, who may be the world’s most starstruck prostitute.

“I was puzzled when he told me about his family, but I guess he was just being honest. He was very experienced and knew exactly what to do.

“He was an absolute animal — like a mad man, going at it furiously. He was like a train and I didn’t want him to stop! I almost never enjoy it, but with Christian, I really enjoyed myself.”

Slater, who has served time in jail because of his addictions and wild antics, has been on a runaway express train to Funland lately.

The actor made headlines after an explosive night out with Ben Affleck at a Canadian strip bar in 2003.


Then, in November, Slater’s angry wife smashed him in the head with a glass after she caught him cavorting at a Las Vegas strip club. The ugly gash needed nine stitches to close.

When the actor arrived in London last month to film “Churchill: The Hollywood Years,” one of his first stops was to the ultra-expensive SophistiCats strip club, say sources.

The meter started running at over $350 an hour per girl as soon as he picked six stunning blondes and invited them into the club’s exclusive VIP room to be his private dancers, say sources.

He ordered the best champagne at $900 a bottle, plus cocktails — which he shared with his new fans. The generous 34-year-old gave them all hefty tips, too.

“He loved the attention all the girls were giving him,” revealed a club insider.


But Slater got sticker shock when he was handed the $10,000 tab.

“He wasn’t too happy. But he did eventually pay up,” the insider added.

From there, Slater hooked up with the call girl, according to the British newspaper, News of the World.

Although a spokesperson for Slater told The ENQUIRER, “The story is not true,” the British newspaper reports that the stripper fanatic had so much fun his first time with the woman, he called her for a date the very next night.

But fame is fleeting and she had to decline because she was with another client! — JOHN COOKE