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Cher has become a sad recluse, leading a solitary and celibate life as she plans to sell property in the U.S. and move to New Zealand. That’s what insiders say has become of the beloved singer-actress since finishing her Farewell Tour in May. They add that the 59-year-old superdiva has been spiraling downward and sees few people outside of the staff in her Malibu mansion.

Even her daughter Chastity, 36, and son Elijah Blue, 29, rarely visit their mother’s house anymore, the sources said.

A friend said: “Cher has become a hermit as she ponders what to do next. She spends most of her time puttering around the house. She meditates, exercises and reads. She insists everything’s okay but she looks miserable. She seems to have lost her bearings in life.”

The friend added that Cher has put her six-bedroom, eight-bath house in Key Biscayne, Fla., on the market for $9.75 million, and in February began secretly searching for a remote retreat on New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

“Everyone is worried about her leaving Hollywood for good,” the friend said. “But she wants to go far away and be alone.”

The friend added that it seems like Cher doesn’t even want to perform, record or act anymore. She doesn’t even have a man in her life.

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