Transgen in the promised land CHAZ BONO is getting manlier by the day — BY the hairs on his chiny, chiny chin.

The 44-year-old transgender son of superstar Cher has started to sprout a coat of downy peach-fuzz on his back as the result of the hormones he takes – and he’s proud of it.

Insiders say Chaz – who was born a female, Chastity – considers the fine hairs an im­portant milestone in the journey to manhood he began in 2008.

“Chaz is totally proud of his tiny hairs,” said a source. “It’s hard to see them unless you’re up close, but he’s determined to wear them like a badge of manliness, just like he did when he grew a beard a couple of years ago as the testosterone took hold.”

Despite splitting with fiancée Jennifer Elia in late 2011, those close to Chaz say he’s happier than he’s ever been.

He just celebrated nine years of sobriety and he’s managed to drop more than 50 pounds through a strict diet and exercise plan. Next on his list? Settling down with a good woman, getting married, and maybe even starting a family!

But she’s going to have to be a fan of his back stubble, because so far, he’s balked at well-inten­tioned suggestions to wax or shave it off.

“Chaz knows a lot of women hate men with hairy backs,” said the source. “But to him, his hairy back is a sign he’s made the transition from female to male, and he’s not willing to take it off for anyone.”