LGBT kingpin CHAZ BONO’s secret plot REVEALED! NOW that Chaz has dropped more than 60 pounds, he’s set a new goal – to be the first transgender actor to win an Academy Award!

“Chaz has been working with an acting teacher around the clock and is pouring his heart and soul into it,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

Ever since his mom Cher won a Best Actress Oscar for the 1987 movie “Moonstruck,” Chaz “has felt like acting is in his genes,” said the source. “He really wants to make her proud.”

The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant is no stranger to the acting world. He previously appeared in the 1994 drama “Bar Girls” and the 2004 com­edy “Fronterz.” And in 2012, he landed a guest role in the hit Canadian TV show “Degrassi.”

Most recently, Cher’s activist son was in the cast of a rock mu­sical for a month, but as The ENQUIRER revealed, his 67-year-old mom was too busy to catch a performance.

Chaz, who spent years strug­gling with his sexual identity, has been waiting a long time to make his mark in show business.

“I have always dreamed of be­ing a successful actor, but I knew I couldn’t play female roles,” he told an interviewer earlier this year. “I’m not afraid to fail. I tried being on stage and it was very easy for me. I am a drama major and it’s been my lifelong dream to act.”

Insiders say 44-year-old Chaz, who’s also a motivational speak­er, is getting top-notch help to achieve his lofty goal.

He’s working with acclaimed acting coach Anthony Meindl,  artistic director and founder of his own Actor Workshop in Los Angeles. Recently Chaz thanked him on Twitter for helping get him “reacquainted with my dream.”

The 5-foot-5-1/2 performer – who once tipped the scales at 250 pounds – is also working hard on his health and appearance. It took him just five months to drop 60 pounds on a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Said the source: “Chaz wants to pave the way for other trans­gender actors who also dream of one day winning an Academy Award.”