Charlie Sheen should be a magician: He knows how to make people disappear!

The actor’s co-star Blythe Danner, who played Sheen’s mom on his new TV show “Two and a half Men,” vanished into thin air after Sheen went to producers and griped about her, sources say. Rumor has it that Danner, the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, ran afoul of his ego.

“They were in the middle of taping the pilot show and Blythe took Charlie aside to suggest changes in the way they approached the scene,” said an insider.

“Even though Blythe meant her suggestions in a constructive way, Charlie’s ego couldn’t handle the critique. Since he’s the star of the show, he didn’t like being second-guessed on his interpretation.”

Sheen went to producers and complained about Danner, the insider said.

“Because his role is key, Blythe went and Charlie stayed.”

Holland Taylor, an actress who gets along fine with the temperamental star, has been brought in to replace Danner. But a Warner Brothers spokesman denied that Sheen was behind Danner’s demise.

The new CBS sitcom will air Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. beginning September 22. Sheen plays a hip Hollywood writer whose soon to be divorced younger brother Alan — played by Jon Cryer — moves into his Malibu bachelor pad with his 10-year-old son Jake. The polar-opposite brothers try to cope with their interfering mom and make the best of the situation, with hilarious results.

“Blythe is a wonderful actress who was put in a part that was not a good fit for her,” the show’s producer Chuck Lorre told The ENQUIRER. “So we decided to make the change right away, rather than down the road.”

“Bull!” said a source close to Sheen. “Charlie may not have fired Blythe directly, but he went to the exec producer and complained about her.

“The next thing you know, Taylor was in and Blythe was out — and suddenly Charlie’s much happier.”