ASHTON KUTCHER and Charlie Sheen are squaring off over Mila Kunis!

Charlie enraged his replacement on “Two and a Half Men” by making Ashton’s girlfriend an offer she could hardly refuse to join the cast of his sitcom “Anger Management,” says a source.

Charlie, who is an executive producer as well as star of the FX series, reached out to Mila after dumping co-star Selma Blair in a fit of rage.

“Charlie reportedly offered Mila a million dollars an episode to come onboard,” revealed an insider. “The problem is that Mila is in a serious relationship with Ashton, who is Charlie’s archrival.

There’s been bad blood between them since Ashton replaced Charlie on ‘Two and a Half Men.’ People are wondering if Charlie is wooing Mila to join his show just to get Ashton’s goat.”

Ashton, 35, wants Charlie to back off, said the source. “He doesn’t want Mila to subject herself to his womanizing ways and crazy antics.”

The 47-year-old star’s latest outrage was firing Blair via a vulgar-worded text message after she complained to execs that he was always late and had a poor work ethic. What’s more, he told producers either she goes, or he walks.

“Charlie was furious Selma complained about him after he approved her as a co-star on the show,” said the insider. “He feels she betrayed him.”