A woman who claims Celine Dion’s husband raped her has given cops a dress she says is stained with his DNA — but police are convinced it’s an outrageous attempt to extort money from the couple and are refusing to investigate.

What’s more, attorney Martin Singer, who represents Celine and her husband Rene Angelil, revealed to The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview that 45-year-old Yun Kyeung Sung Kwon has allegedly tried to rip off at least one other older man in a startlingly similar way.

“This woman has been indicted on three separate felonies,” the prominent attorney disclosed.

“She has been charged with fraud in relation to unpaid monies to Las Vegas casinos, and she has a lengthy police record extending from Louisiana to California.”

In 1996, while studying at the POLY Languages Institute in Pasadena, Calif., Kwon began a romantic relationship with her English tutor — and ended up accusing him of attacking her, according to court documents.

Kwon accused the tutor of pulling her hair and choking her.

Incredibly, the woman also claims that Angelil pulled her hair and choked her.

“The similarities are more than a mere coincidence,” Singer told The ENQUIRER.

In the tutor’s case, the court issued a restraining order to protect him. Kwon violated it and she ended up spending five days in jail.

Now the woman is tormenting Celine and her devoted husband Rene at what should be one of the happiest times in their lives.

Rene has triumphed in his battle against throat cancer, the couple is enjoying their 2-year-old little boy Rene-Charles after years of trying to conceive — and 35-year-old Celine recently began her spectacular three-year Las Vegas engagement, which is expected to bring her more than $100 million.

The rape allegedly took place three years ago at a Las Vegas hotel — but Kwon and her husband had refused repeated requests by police to give them the dress they claim contains Rene’s DNA.

The Kwons say they did not hand over the garment because they were threatened, although their attorney Robert Langford has refused to say who threatened them.

Authorities finally were given the dress on April 10, but Las Vegas Police Dept. Detective Troy Barrett told The ENQUIRER: “As of now, the case is closed and there is no plan to reopen it.”