Gals: Want to know what attracts a Hollywood hottie?

Well, according to some of today’s hunkiest stars, you don’t need a perfect body or a buxom bank account.

“I’m very attracted to older women,” says Taye Diggs, the sexy lead in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” “Mentally, physically, sexually — the whole nine yards.”

If you want to score a knockout with Antonio Sabato Jr. just grab a pair of boxing gloves. “Women boxers are sexy,” says the former “Melrose Place” heartthrob. “They move around in their shorts, throwing punches, and it’s one-on-one.”

Sabato Jr. isn’t the only one in Hollywood who likes a feisty gal. “NYPD Blue” actor Rick Schroder finds strong women a real turn-on. “I loved Kate Jackson in ‘Charlie’s Angels,'” he says. “She was a tomboy — very sexy stuff.”

And unlike his randy alter ego “Austin Powers,” funnyman Mike Myers touts faithfulness.

“I find commitment sexy,” the former “Saturday Night Live” comic says. “When you’re married, you argue, but you look at the big picture. It makes life more fun.”