CELEBRITIES can say the stupidest things – and you don’t have to look any fur­ther than Twitter to prove it!

The popular social media network allows celebrities and oth­ers to share their thoughts in “tweets” limited to 140 characters, and stars like Britney Spears show it doesn’t take a lot of words to sound like a complete idiot.

The ditzy pop star asked her millions of Twitter followers: “Does anyone think global warming is good?”

And disgraced former baseball slug­ger Jose Canseco swung and missed when he tweeted about global warm­ing on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, declaring: “Global warming could’ve saved Titanic. Sad to say.” When some of his Twitter followers took him to task, Canseco responded: “You clowns it’s very sim­ple. With global warming the weather is hotter so the icebergs would be melted and titanic saved.”

If you say so, Jose!

Before Jessica Simpson gave birth to daughter Maxwell, the reality TV star and fashion mogul was guilty of oversharing with her Twitter follow­ers. Commenting on a factoid that the average person passes gas 15 times a day, Jessica added: “The average pregnant woman farts 15 times that!”

OK, Jess, that’s just too much infor­mation.

On another day, Jessica tweeted a photo of her feet not touching the floor in a public restroom, writing: “Short girl problems.”

And the worst part about that tweeted photo? She was barefoot!

And what about Justin Bieber bragging to his millions of “Beliebers” on Twitter: “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT”?

Former “Hills” bimbo Heidi Mon­tag – whose major claim to fame is her surgically enhanced body – tweeted: “These fumes in nail salon are defiantly getting to my head.”

We guess that the fumes were “definitely” responsible for her in­correct word choice.

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott tweeted a picture of their son – without realizing Tori’s bare breasts were visible in the background!

And what about that Twitter post from goofy former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul: “Just about to go ondtage & get my award!!!”

We just hope that it WASN’T for spelling!