A new series of rulings in the pretrial hearings of accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY has defense counsel reeling!

In Florida, Presiding Circuit Judge Belvin Perry ruled yesterday prosecutors can tell jurors about Casey’s tattoo and as well as web photos Casey embedded on

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Anthony got the tattoo, reading "Bella Vitae" (Beautiful Life in Italian) near the time her daughter, Caylee, went missing.

Today,  Anthony’s defense filed a motion today accusing the state of deliberately mishandling several empty containers, including a pizza box found inside a trash bag taken from the trunk, WESH-TV reported.

The defense also accused investigators of letting the trash air out, so it would not smell the same to jurorsl

A source close to the investigation said on Friday that position is "laughable."

The defense is requesting that, based on the mishandling of the trash, any mention of the so-called "smell of death" in the car should also be excluded.

Anthony has pleaded not guilty in the death of her daughter Caylee, claiming a baby sitter kidnapped the toddler.

The trial begins in May.