According to courtroom testimony, accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY was offered a plea bargain deal rather than stand trial.

Anthony, who remains behind bars, is accused of murdering her two year old daughter Caylee.

But now newly released testimony from a journalist says law enforcement authorities tried to cut a deal with Anrthony, WESH-TV, Orlando reports.

David Lohr
, a journalist, who volunteered to search for Caylee’s remains after he was sent to the Suburban Drive locale where Caylee’s remains were discovered in December 2008.

Lohr also claimed he overheard Casey offered a deal for a 10 year sentence if she told police where the missing child was.

Anthony’s defense team is trying to deny lohr and other volunteer’s testimony from being admitted in the trial.

Many of the volunteers searching for Caylee were members of the Texas Equusearch whih also were involved in the Natalee Holloway case.  And defense want them subpoenaed to cast doubt on who put Caylee’s remains in the woods and the time frame for placement.

Texas Equusearch asked Judge Blevin Perry to not allow the subpoena, saying it’s been used  to "harass" volunteers.

But defense attorney Richard Hornsby told the judge, "If the defense was able to get a hold of those documents, they would be able to see who searched that area and they’d be able to contact those people and find out how far they went in there."

As the ENQUIRER previously reported last week defense attorneys grilled meter reader Roy Kronk in a deposition that still remains sealed.

All this legal jockeying between prosecution and defense is regarding what evidence will be considered admissible once the murder trial actual begins May 2011.

This past August 9 would have been Caylee’s fifth birthday if she had lived.