LATEST! CASEY ANTHONY ordered to return to Orlando, Florida by 10 AM Thursday to report to the probation office, a state corrections official announced.
The original justice in the matter, Judge Stan Strickland, has removed himself from the check-fraud casey, one day after Anthony’s defense team filed an emergency motion attempting to block her forced return to the Sunshine State.
Exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY photographed hiding in plain sight as lawyers fight her return home amidst death threats.
Photos of Casey Anthony emerged on the web taken during a midday shopping expedition. She’s seen wearingan Ohio State University baseball cap, a tight-fitting top and glasses as she walked around town unrecognized.
The images hit the web hours after her legal team attempted to block a court order for her to return to Orlando, Florida to serve her probation for a check fraud conviction.
Casey’s lawyer Cheney Mason filed an emergency motion late Tuesday requesting a hearing to "quash, vacate and set aside," Judge Stan Strickland's order for Casey to return to Orlando, Fl. and serve her probation.  Mason accused the judge of "unbridled prejudice," following statements made on TV after Casey's acquittal reported.
Mason claimed the judge's order on Monday requiring Casey to return to Orlando within 72 hours to serve one year of supervised probation was "made with reckless disregard for Ms. Anthony's due process and civil rights."
The motion said that Casey has received several death threats and included one as an exhibit.
 It showed a picture of Casey with a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead and read "Keep Smiling b**ch with a forehead that big, the headshot will be easier."
Appearing on The Today Show, Anthony’s key defense attorney Jose Baez told Matt Lauer:   "The last thing we want to do is put Casey in harm's way… We're very concerned. It's not something we're taking lightly."
Baez maintains Anthony completed the conditions of her probation while in jail.
“The whole thing is very confusing,” he told Lauer.