Exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY’s legal battles mount as she stands tall before THE MAN again.

Anthony’s legal troubles are casting a grim pallor of fear on her future as she faces another legal hearing in a bombshell bankruptcy case.

A pretrial hearing before a federal bankruptcy judge is focusing on a complaint filed by Texas Equusearch, a firm that sued her before she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Casey who’s trying to wipe clean her debts off the books, claims that she has no income following her bombshell murder acquittal in the death of her daughter Caylee. in Florida.

According to legal docs, Casey filed that she has $792,000 in debts from her attorney’s fees and yet only $1,000 in assets.

Equusearch charges in the case that  they were deliberately misdirected by Casey when they conducted their search for her missing daughter because she already knew she was dead and didn’t tell them.

They’re claiming they dropped over $100,000 in searching for Caylee “as a direct result of (Anthony’s) false representations and omissions,” the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Casey’s  attorneys are expected to ask the judge to dismiss the complaint.